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Okay this season doesn't look quite as terrible as I feared after a first look.

Kuragehime, one of the Noitamina show this season, had an awesome first episode. With a focus on female (for once ^_^) geeks and the female main character being obsessed by jellyfish meetings a "princess" who's really a crossdressing guy. Great voice, characterizations and comedic timing so far.

Star Driver is the other main intriguing show, with a very confusing, pretty, and fabulous set up of mecha + high school + magical girl transformation for its male lead; plus a whole lot of surrealism, self-aware humour, psychosexual vibes à la Utena. It's at least going to be a fun show; and possibly maybe one of those awesome brain breaking show. I hope.

Psychic Detective Yakumo looks decent enough, with a Ghost Hunt-like occult investigation premise revolving around one snarky antisocial male lead and a cute and perky (and smart so far) female sidekick. Plotting has been very average so far, but it shows hints promising a metaplot; and the texture and characterizations make it fun enough to watch for now.

Otome Yokai Zakuro is set in an alternate universe version of Meiji era Japan where people live by side with Yokai, but where modernity and westernization is pusing them by the sidelines, so a program seeks to pair three military officers with four half-blood yokai damsels in order to foster better understanding. Characters are little more than gimmicks so far, though it's kind of interesting to see both a set of pretty boy and moe girl archetypes in the same show (the manga it's adapted from is technically a seinen, though written by a yaoi mangaka) ; and at least the female lead is rather endearing (also gorgeous, ritualistic looking fight scene with traditional music). I hold a faint hope it could turn into an interesting show.

Togainu no Chi will be my guilty pleasure homoerotic fanservice show this season, with a post appocalyptic street fighting tournament story adapted of a BL visual novels. Despite my warriness against visual novels adaptation, i have a moderatly good feeling about this one : despite bad production values, it's already pushed some of my kinky buttons, the fights are actually fun to watch, and it's already shown more promises of actual plotting and character than, say, Uraboku.

I won't be watching Panty and Stocking, despite the interesting art and animation, I find the humour too unappealing to my taste. I had checked out The World God Only Knows because some people were saying it was deconstructive of harem shows, but it actually contents itself with lampshade hanging so no, thanks. Shinryaku! Ika Musume looks like a pretty good moe gag comedy show, but that's a genre that doesn't interest me enough to stick with it. And Bakuman has shown all the signs of being one of those pretty boring adaptations that don't add anything to the manga.

I'll continue watching Shiki, Legend of the Legendary Heroes and Katanagari. Dunno yet if I'll bother catching up with Hakouaki Hekketsu-Roku.

So what you guys gonna be watching? Did I miss anything of potential interest?
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Now that i've finally finished with the spring anime reviews (or have I? look they've starting subbing Senkou no Night Raid again! Though I'm not sure I want to continue watching it, we'll see...) I can talk about the show I'm interrested in this summer. Which aren't legion, this is a pretty dry season.

I love Fuyumi Ono enough that I'll be watching Shiki even though I think the character design are atrocious and I've been impressed neither by the first episode nor the first volume of the manga. For the premise we have an isolated town surrunded by cedar trees forest (they use to make coffin, the region's speciality) and series of suspicious death by anemia after a big gothic style castle has been build on top of the hill above the village. I smell vampire.

Occult Academy is the other cool looking supernatural show, with a dramedy set in 1999 (are we already nostalgic about the 90s? yay!) revolving around an occult obsessed highschool and a time traveller from 2012 (1999 and 2012? That's a lot of appocalyptic dates) trying to prevent an alien invasion in the future. The first two episodes have been pretty dam good, with some excellent comedic timing, awesomely establishing the two leads (especially Maya, the daughter of the recently deceased principal of the occult academy; who is badass, impatient, intelligent and has a hate/love relationship with the occult - very well rounded as a character already), and i rather love the tongue in cheek attitude to occult elements already.

The other series I might be interrested in is Osaka Hamlet which i don't believe has premiered yet and seems to be a slice of life show about a family in Osaka.

Of course there's also the Black Lagoon OAV Roberta's Blood trail which I will not miss for the world ♥

I should also mention Highschool of the Dead which right now I'm watching with a sort of horrified fascination. It's Zombie Appocalypse meets panty shots, with some excellent production values, black humour tone and action scenes and with an extremely misogynistic narrative so far.


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