What's wrong with the Legion?

May. 26th, 2017 06:41 pm
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1) It's hard for readers focused on the modern DCU to care. There's no 'connection' between the Legion and all other DC titles other than the occassional guest star of Superboy appearance.

2) It renders current stories without jeopardy. Villain threatens to destroy the Earth? We KNOW it didn't happen because Legion has to have Earth around 1000 years from now. And so on with ANY existing threat....

OK, so how do you fix this? Set Legion in the 21st Century.

Some basic questions that need answers:

Why so many humanoids in space? Why do many develop powers?

Both questions can be solved by using the planet Maltus. They were the homeworld of the Guardians of Oa, and due to overpopulation spread out across the galaxy. They can be the parents of the various Legion races, due to having the potential for various powers.

Why would a version of the United Planets exist now? Why Legion now?

DC's crossover event Invasion, in which the Dominion lead aliens in attacking Earth. I imagine a LOT of unaffiliated planets looked at that and went: that could be US getting invaded next. So they form a mutual defense alliance which becomes the basis of the UP.

The Legion, interestingly, could form both because they save Brande like in canon, as well as a fast response force in case of Dominion or Khund attacks....

Will add more later as I think about it.


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